Product Marketing Videos for Triumph Supplements


Triumph Supplements is a supplement company geared towards gamers.


Triumph Supplements wanted to highlight their product to their audience with one word in mind: luxury. They wanted to be known as a luxurious brand that develops high-end products, especifically products with high-end ingredients that make a difference. They needed a short piece of content to include in video ads on various platforms.


We suggested a 30-sec product video advertising that showed everything about their product, centered mainly towards the Triumph bottle, its logo and the details on the label. We wanted the ad to feel emboldened, and to show a bottle that has style and luxury, which would back the claim on the copy of the ad.

We planned the shoot and set the date, with the approval of the client. We bought all the gear necessary, and had to rent some equipment. Specifically, we felt like a macro lens would be very beneficial for the final product since it would allow us to get really up close on the details of the label. That decision certainly paid off in the final video. We also rented tube lights that helped enhance the product and give it a sense of added height. It was also necessary to purchase specific fruits that matched the flavors of the products we were featuring, as well as a sprayer that was filled with not water, but glycerin since that looks better on camera and maintains the look of wetness for longer than water.

We set up a studio on a house basement, set up the black backdrop and got to work. The combination of tube lights, our camera and lenses, as well as a slider helped us get all the shots we needed and much more.

In post-production, we chose to feature only shots that showed the bottle in large scale, as well as shots that pushed into the bottle to give the viewer a sense of connection to the product. We chose a song called “Brave”, which encompassed the feeling of power we wanted our ad to have, with its powerful guitar riffs and heavy drums.


Black Slopes Media is committed to create the best product videos for marketing. We are located in Utah and we cover any part of the U.S.

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Triumph Supps
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