Standing Out As a Restaurant Marketing Agency


BBQ Culture – Meat reseller for both Brazilian and american style bbq


They wanted to highlight their international cut of meats (Picanha, fraldinha, liguíça, ETC) as well as their traditional ones, such a t-bone, ny steak, ETC

They have a large Brazilian customer base in Utah, and want to expand into more Americans

It’s also their first product video, and they intend on cutting the footage into smaller shots for social media purposes


As a Food Marketing Agency, we suggested a highlight style video wherein we would show all the different offerings BBQ Culture has, in a way that felt natural

In order to do that, we grilled their different cut of steaks and sausages, while using the accessories they sell.

They loved the idea and we informed them we would reach back out in about a week with a script and storyboard for them to approve

The client loved the script and approved it so we proceeded to the next steps, which are scheduling the shoot, gear rental, etc

We decided to rent a Macro lens for very detailed scenematic shots. Macro lenses allow you to get very close to the subject you are filming, enabling you to show every detail, which looks super good in the final edit

We also decided to set up a display of their products in a studio scenario for the final shot of the video. Once the outdoor grilling shots were done, and frankly, once we ate some of the meat, we proceeded to construct a studio on location

We featured a table filled with their products, which were organized in a very appealing way, with the company’s logo in the background

Customer loved the video but decided they wanted to feature a different grill in one of the shots, afraid that the grill that was used was not pretty enough

We scheduled a second shoot and got the shots the customer requested as well as added tittles to the video as per customer’s request


Black Slopes Media stands out as one of the best restaurant marketing companies in the United States, offering quality commercial videos for any restaurants.

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these guys are really good
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