Digital Marketing for Car Dealers

As an Automotive Marketing Agency, we wanted to showcase our ability to create something unique and visually appealing with the tools we had at our disposal. We wanted to create the best spec ad we could. One that would highlight the best features of the car, one that would tell a good story and, perhaps most importantly, create a sense of excitement and exclusivity around owning a Honda Civic Type-R. If we could accomplish a video that made anyone want to buy one, we would have done our job right. The purpose of this was to show potential clients, such as dealerships and even car manufacturers, that we could create something interesting and unique, something that could help elevate brands and generate sales.

So we got to work and started writing the script we would follow in the editing room, as well as the shotlist so we’d know exactly the shots we had to get when out in the field. We put together a crew of three people: one for driving the guiding car, one DP actually filming out of the back of the guiding car and out main actor who would be driving the  the gear we had but decided to purchase some more safety equipment, specifically for the shots that would require one of us to be holding the camera outside the back of the car we’d be driving. 


Black Slopes Media stands out as one of the best car marketing companies in the United States, offering quality commercial videos for any car dealerships.

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Black Slopes Media was fantastic to work with. From beginning to end, they kept us updated on the process, and we were able to almost TRIPLE our revenue in just under 3 months. Highly recommend them for business owners looking to take that next step.
Triumph Supps
Black Slopes Media was an absolute pleasure to work with. They made my film not as intimidating as I thought it would be. I was worried what I envisioned wouldn’t be possible to produce but Black Slopes Media over delivered and made it better than I could’ve imagined. I highly recommend them for any of your media needs or video productions!
Michael Boswell, Owner of Ascend